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    In this article, we will introduce the world’s first safe fast charging box mod made by Geekvape. The Chinese company Geekvape has released an innovative Obelisk 120 FC box module that supports fast charging and the corresponding power supply in the kit.

    Geekvape OBELISK 120 FC Kit review
    Geekvape OBELISK 120 FC Kit review

    Dimensions: 128.2mm * 48.4mm * 27.0mm
    Battery: 3700mAh (2 * 1850mAh)
    Normal charging: USB Type-C, 5V / 2A
    Fast charging: 20V / 3.25A
    Reverse charging: 5V / 2.4A
    Power supply included: 65W
    Power: 5-120W

    The equipment also comes with branded vape tanks and has advanced functions. The Obelisk 120 FC kit uses a compact body with four interesting colors: blue, bronze (green), black and steel. The equipment is equipped with a maintenance-free water tank called Z Sub ohm Tank.

    Geekvape OBELISK 120 FC Box Mod for sale
    Geekvape OBELISK 120 FC Box Mod for sale

    Due to the top air supply, the tank has no leakage and has a capacity of 5 ml. The Obelisk 120 FC box mod is equipped with an integrated 3700mAh battery, divided into two 1850mAh “battery packs”. In order to supplement the battery capacity, standard charging at 5V/2A through the USB Type-C port and fast charging at 20V/3.25A are provided.

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