Meizu EP51 Review: Well Balanced, Stylish Wireless Sports Earphones

Meizu released a new generation of headphones – Meizu EP51 Sports Earphones, which is marketed as bluetooth earphones for the most sporty users. Meizu is well-known for its high quality earphones, and the Meizu EP51 is no exception. It has good comfort and durability as well as sound quality. Find out more in our Meizu EP51 Sports earphones review.


The impressive design of the Meizu EP51 isn’t surprising, because Meizu products have nice design and build quality and EP51 carries on the tradition. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, and weighs a light 15 grams. The aluminum ends of EP51 house magnets which keep the earbuds locked together when stored or when worn around the neck to avoid them sliding and dropping to the ground. The Meizu EP51 are connected with a cable that goes around the back of your neck. And they don’t fall out even when walking quickly or running. The EP51 is both sweat and water resistant which is achieved through its layer of Nano water resistance. The case is great too, with a little pocket for the cable. Overall, the Meizu EP51 is well-made and stylish, which can compete with other high-end earbuds in the market.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the most important part for bluetooth earphones. And the sound quality on the Meizu EP51 is also impressive at this price range. It can provide decent noise isolation. The sound is quite balanced. The bass is more than a flattish earphones delivers, but not overpowering like other earphones. In fact, it is perfect for being out and about, and exercise and all. Even at maximum volume, there is no crackling or distortion of sound. So you can definitely listen to the music with comfort, especailly for sports, this is completely perfect.The wireless reception is great, matching the usual Bluetooth 4.0 range of 10 meters before the signal starts to fade out.

Battery life

Meizu EP51 packs in a tiny 60 mAh battery. Meizu claims six hours of music time, considering the battery is small, it is acceptable about that standby time, and enough for a few days of sporting. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the EP51.


The meizu ep51 is a great value-for-money Bluetooth wireless earbuds with excellent sound performance. It has good build quality and stylish design, which guarantees long-term use. It also perfectly fits our ears and comfortable to wear for a long time when doing sports. If you’re looking for a budget wireless earbuds with decent sound quality, then the Meizu EP51 is a great option in the current market. The earbuds are available now at, you can visit the websit to grab it.

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