Huawei Watch GT Elegant Smartwatch review – Long battery life

With the development of fitness tracking equipment, Huawei Watch GT Elegant is doing the right thing; it offers an attractive, comfortable wear design and solid multi-sport tracking. If you want a running watch that is as comfortable as wearing it in a high-end restaurant and wearing it on a climbing wall, then Huawei’s GT watch is definitely a good choice.

However, the initial problems with custom Lite OS software limited its appeal as a smart watch. The operating system does not allow you to perform some basic tasks, such as pairing with the fitness app of your choice, or controlling your music with Huawei‘s Watch GT.

Huawei Watch GT review
Huawei Watch GT review

Huawei Watch GT is a design miracle. This is mainly because, unlike many competitors’ trackers at this price point, it looks like a watch. Its round 46.5 x 46.5 x 10.6 mm stainless steel body has a black or metal surface. You can further customize this phone.

Huawei offers a range of silicone straps for the sports phones I tested. These include graphite black, saddle brown leather options, glacier grey and fluorescent green options. There are two physical buttons next to it, plus a 1-inch AMOLED touch screen as the primary means of interacting with the watch.

Fit is very good: In the past three weeks of testing, I found that Huawei watches are one of the few wearable devices that I would love to wear around the clock. When it comes to hardware, Watch GT also meets most of the correct requirements.

buy Huawei Watch GT Bluetooth Smartwatch
buy Huawei Watch GT Bluetooth Smartwatch

The AMOLED screen is vibrant and the 454 x 454 clear display ensures readability of text and icons. The maximum brightness is also very good, even if you use it in bright sunlight, you can ensure that the screen remains clear.

Watch GT elegant water rating is 5atm, which is comparable to most fitness trackers, meaning you can wear it 50 meters underwater, which is good news for swimmers. The only downside is that this watch does not have any local storage. This means you won’t be able to store maps or music locally – although at this price you will have a hard time finding a tracker that offers this option.

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