QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphones with 380mAH Charging Case coupon code: qcyt1c

We all know QCY has got a lot of praises: create true stereo sound effects, brings you an impression of space, to feel the music just as you are in the Centre Hall. Support SBC + AAC music decoding technology, restore the original dynamics of music without missing every detail of the music. Xiaomi QCY T1C mini also fits those characteristics.

qcy t1c mini earphones for sale
qcy t1c mini earphones for sale

QCY T1 C itself has no extra design, it is a capsule-shaped charging compartment plus two capsule-shaped earphones. It is still round in the hand, and the seam treatment on the charging compartment is not bad, no cutting hands, charging The warehouse is slightly smaller than expected, and can be put into the pocket of the clothes or the trouser pocket at will, but due to the design of the “pill”, there is some top in the trouser pocket, which is uncomfortable.

Bluetooth 5.0 Tech, Pairing with devices more stablely and quickly, power consumption is lower. Compare with the BT v4.0 and BT v4.1, the most innovative advancement of v5.0 is the sound transmission speed is twice higher, that means you can talk with people in phone just like he/she stands in front of you without any voice delay, this improvement really means a lot specially for the Game Players.

buy QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphones
buy QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphones

Premium Audio Components will bring you the crystal HD sound quality and excellent stereo and bass experiance. With real CVC6.0 noise cancellation tech, you can hear the voice.

In addition, the ergonomic design to fit the contours of ears, enjoy music without tenderness. So, now you know why QCY T1C Mini capture your eyes? Just click here and you will learn more info in gearvita shop.

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