Xiaomi Happy Life Bladeless Fan review – cool fan that make your easy life

From time to time, Xiaomi proves that they are a company worthy of your hard earned money. This time they released Xiaomi Happy Life 3-in-1 mini-cooling fan to let consumers live a relaxed and happy life. It allows you to humidify the air, cool the fan, or work under the ring light in the room.

Xiaomi Happy Life Portable Handheld Bladeless Fan review
Xiaomi Happy Life Portable Handheld Bladeless Fan review

There is no doubt that Xiaomi‘s happy life 3-in-1 cool fan must be the most beautiful fan you’ve ever seen. We all see low-cost and plastic fans in the price market. They also have low-cost paint jobs and materials that make them less durable. For this rock price model, this is not the same. It has a water capacity of 60 ml and can only produce sounds that barely hear 40 decibels.

It has a white fluent design which makes it very expensive and looks significant in your place. Moreover, it only takes about 129mm X 145mm X 227mm of space in your valuable space. This makes it even more practical as you can take it with yourself to anywhere without any hurdles to face. It has a USB wire on its back which can be connected to any power brick.

buy Xiaomi Happy Life Portable Handheld Bladeless Fan
buy Xiaomi Happy Life Portable Handheld Bladeless Fan

As soon as we read the company from which Xiaomi Happy Life 3 in 1 Mini Cooling Fan comes from, we know that it will have the best hardware installed in it. It is made with ABS, AS, PC, PP, and Aluminium ALLOY. All the technical guys would know about these materials and tell how strong they are. But we can assure you its extremely durable and will last for years and years.

You would expect from a 3 in 1 product to provide great functions, and Xiaomi Happy Life 3 Cool Fan does the job perfectly. It has a long list of features that would require years to write, but allow me to explain in a nutshell. Its best function is the bladeless fan that provides the air. Shocked? This contributes you to be tension free if you have small kids at your place.

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