Xiaomi iK8 Speaker review – your Portable KTV room

Xiaomi iK8 broke the “mobile internet” and “traditional K-song” dimension wall. With a high-quality dynamic microphone and magnetic wearable design, iK8 became the best hardware partner of cell phones App for singing songs.

Xiaomi iK8 Personal Speaker Microphone Set review
Xiaomi iK8 Personal Speaker Microphone Set review

Sound quality
The iK8 portable karaoke room is composed of a sub-variable surround sound, a variety of split-type speakers, and a high-sensitivity radio, a three-stage reverberation effect, a professional-grade microphone with a beautiful sound function, and sings after wearing the iK8, regardless of time. The venue can reach the reverberation effect of the 30m2K singing room that you carry with you.

The Xiaomi coupon code iK8 speaker adopts professional-grade cavity design, professional-grade op amp IC, and uses the patented technology of “Audio Waveguide Low-Frequency Extension Technology” to create a grand sound field, which makes the K-songs more magnetic and bright, like the beauty camera function. Beautify the sound and stimulate the music cells.

buy xiaomi ik8 personal speaker microphone
buy xiaomi ik8 personal speaker microphone

At the same time, these technologies also make the iK8 a subwoofer for portable speakers. When the rated power (RMS) is as high as 15W, the sound will not be distorted. It can take any equivalent volume of Bluetooth speakers and iK8 than bass.

Xiaomi iK8 Personal Speaker uses the minimalist design of the future home, is the face value of the speaker industry, a total of broken black and silver moon gray color, the entire speaker is only three buttons, the user is easy to get started. iK8 also has the advantage of long battery life, continuous K song / playback for 10 hours, to avoid singing K is not happy, just started, it is about to end.

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