Xiaomi wireless charger set – 20W wireless+ 27W wired charger

When the Mi 9 was first released, Xiaomi also said that the phone can use its own 20W Mi wireless fast charger. If you purchase the Mi Wireless Quick Charger, you can also get a Xiaomi 27W charger in the box. Let’s see it and review again.

xiaomi 27w charger review
xiaomi 27w charger review

The box itself is rather simple this time around. Looking at the front, I thought it is a lightbulb – but nope, it’s the top view of the wireless charger itself. At the back, there are details on the product itself. Reading the little piece of spec sheet here you can see that it takes a maximum input of 20V at 1.35A and outputs 20W maximum. We’ll come back to the math later on.

Let’s first look at the included power brick. This power brick is capable of outputting multiple different power ratings with its respective voltages and amperages. We’re only interested in the last one – 20V at 1.35A.

By looking at the back of the Xiaomi Mi deals Wireless Fast Charger pad itself, we see can see that its maximum input is at 20V 1.35V. Doing a quick calculation here shows that its maximum input power is 27W while its maximum output power is 20W. That means the included power adapter is made to be used with the wireless charger!

xiaomi 27w charger for sale
xiaomi 27w charger for sale

But that also means the power adapter is capable of fast charging the Mi 9 with 27W! You get two fast chargers with the price of one – 27W wired fast charging and 20W wireless fast charging.

From here, it’s quite interesting to see that both QuickCharge 3.0 and Xiaomi’s own 27W charger xiaomi are very close in comparison. By looking at the data gathered, it can be said that the Mi 9 isn’t actually taking in 27W of power to quickly charge itself up, but instead charging at 9V 2A in accordance to Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 specs.

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