Aspire Minican Pod Kit review: 2ml refillable pod, very convenient to fill

Hi guys. In this article, we will discuss Aspire’s ultra-low cost Minican Kit. As you know, the e-cigarette device manufacturer Aspire is mainly engaged in the production of various maintenance-free equipment.

Aspire Minican Pod Kit review
Aspire Minican Pod Kit review

Dimensions: 65mm * 28mm * 15.5mm
Weight: 24.75g
Battery: 350mAh
Charging: Micro USB
Capacity: 2ml
Evaporators: 1.2Ω Mesh Coil

A variety of people already have many such samples, and just the day before, Aspire vape announced one of the most affordable fireplaces on the market, called the Minican Kit.

The overall design of the Minican Kit is a classic representative of this type of equipment, and provides five color shells: orange, blue, black, white and gray. The size of the device can be called the average size.

buy Aspire Minican Pod Kit
buy Aspire Minican Pod Kit

The manufacturer did not disclose the manufacturing materials, but the outer shell of the device is similar to a soft touch coating, which will undoubtedly bring convenience to the use of new products. Cartridges for new items are presented in only one form, with an integrated evaporator at 1.2Ω.

The net is used as a coil. The capacity of the e-liquid reservoir is at a standard mark of 2 ml. The end part of the cartridges is endowed with several magnets for fixing inside the battery pack, as well as a silicone plug that conceals a filling hole and prevents leakage, according to the developers.

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