Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank – back with yet another nefarious?

Let’s take a moment to look at the new pod system. Today we will fully invest in the atomizer. As a prelude, let’s take a look at Hellvape’s new tank, but now it is “cigarettes”, or rather, the focus of general attention – Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank.

Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank review
Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank review

Body Material: Stainless Steel
Atomizer Type: Maintenance-free
Evaporator resistance: 0.7 / 1.2Ω
Capacity: 2 / 3ml
Diameter: 23mm
Height: 55.85mm with drip type
Connector: 510, pin gold plated
Weight: 55g

The Hellvape novelty appearance is decent-in appearance it is a neat non-serving, with a “strange” diameter of 23 mm and a decent height. Simple decoration-some elements echo the decoration of the pilot project.

The line started with six different colors-very commendable-probably because of the genes of the hostess company. The novelty lies in the standard 510th landing plastic drip type.

The replaceable evaporator is represented by several copies, one of which is executed by a denomination and the second in the form of a regular spiral.

Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank for sale
Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank for sale

The main features used by the ancestors of the sons and fathers also migrated here. As you guessed right, this has to do with how the vape coil is loaded. They are placed on top of the water tank without disassembling the latter.

It is enough to unscrew the dripper with the base and simply lower the evaporator in the water tank. In addition, for this process, it doesn’t matter whether the atoms are full of liquid or not.

Airflow adjustment is achieved by turning a special ring at the bottom of the device. There are four-point holes with different diameters and a rectangular hole for adjustment.

Therefore, if the former is responsible for smoking a cigarette, then the latter may be characterized by having pressed the waterpipe. And for more details you can see this links by Vapesourcing online shop.

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