Is Pod Juice Twist 5500 Disposable Vape integrated tank for bolder flavor?

The Pod 5500 Disposable Vape is the next upgrade in disposable devices by Pod Juice that now lasts up to 5500 puffs. It features an integrated tank for bolder flavor and is even rechargeable via the Micro USB port. Vapors can also adjust airflow to the desired preference via the bottom control ring.

Pod 5500 Mesh Disposable Kit 5500 Puffs review
Pod 5500 Mesh Disposable Kit 5500 Puffs review

Liquid: 12 mL
Nicotine: 55mg (5.5%)
Airflow: Adjustable
5500 Puffs Per Device
Rechargeable: Micro USB charging port
Brand: Pod Juice
Category: Disposable Pod Systems

Pod 5500 is the best disposable device on the market! With adjustable airflow, you can choose the tightness or tightness of each inhalation

Launched the new Pod 5500 disposable equipment, eliminating the hassle and trouble of refilling and charging. The Pod 5500 Tank disposable device is a pre-filled nicotine salt disposable electronic cigarette.

buy Pod 5500 Mesh Disposable Kit 5500 Puffs
buy Pod 5500 Mesh Disposable Kit 5500 Puffs

The nicotine salt concentration is 50 mg, and it is compact and fits the palm of your hand. It is a perfect device for people who travel frequently. The Pod 5500 disposable device provides two suctions (5500 times per device).

Pod Juice 5500 Tank single-use equipment uses single-use E-Liquid manufactured in the United States and is formulated in FDA-registered and ISO-7/GMP certified laboratories. Pod 5500 offers 27 delicious flavors.

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