Is Vandy Vape Rhino Pod kit the third pod system in a row?

The program will end with the novelty of the Vandy Vape brand, which has not shown signs of life since last year. The manufacturer was apparently late for the first launch, and it turns out that after the holidays, the developers returned several products at a time – Vandy Vape Rhino.

Vandy Vape Rhino Kit review
Vandy Vape Rhino Kit review

Dimensions: 75.4 x 47.6 x 25mm
Weight: 77g Body
material: plastic + eco-leather
Power supply: built-in 1200mAh
Chipset: Vandy chip
Cartridge capacity: 4.0ml Vaporizer
resistance: VVC coil
Power: 5 – 50W
Voltage range:3.2 – 4.2V
Operating mode: VW

The pod system kit looks primitive – in most cases, this refers to the design, cut and size. In the rest (decoration) – everything is trite – as decoration, tired of eco-leather inserts. The plastic body allows for significant weight savings, and the overall size should contribute to decent ergonomics.

The novelty begins with six versions of the classification, but the color of the main body has not changed in all proposals, without exception. The novelty is the removable plastic drip-tip that the standard 510th fits.

Vandy Vape Rhino for sale
Vandy Vape Rhino for sale

The kit offers an additional option, with replicas clearly designed for different styles of soaring. A removable high-capacity cartridge is hidden behind a removable panel, which will obviously be an obstacle to proper control of the filling liquid.

When refueling again, you’ll have to throw away the aforementioned panels, but there’s no need to remove the tank from the case. Naturally, there is an airflow adjustment – a corrugated ring at the bottom of the cartridge.

The Vandy Vape novelty is governed by a chipset of its own design, and the developers have also decided not to cover its features. Whether he follows the path of a functional impulse or restricts himself to one variant, as in the unicorn, may only be clarified by real commentary.

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