Again compact vape pen design for easy portability – Vibez Air Disposable Pod Kit

The Vibez Air Disposable Pod is puff-activated and prefilled with 11ml of 50mg salt-based e-liquid, a highly concentrated salt-based nicotine that is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than free-base nicotine.

Vibez Air Rechargeable Disposable Kit review
Vibez Air Rechargeable Disposable Kit review

11ml Pre-filled 50mg Salt Nicotine (Approximately 6000 Puffs)
Draw Activated
USB-C Rechargeable

The faster absorption rate allows users to experience cigarette-like satisfaction more quickly. Vibez Air Disposable Pods are super smooth, delicious, and deliver a very satisfying throat hit. The Vibez Disposable Pen Case Device has an incredible 9.0ml e-liquid capacity and lasts about 3500 puffs.

buy Vibez Air Rechargeable Disposable Kit
buy Vibez Air Rechargeable Disposable Kit

The Vibez is a throwback to the old-school automatic battery with a new modern design. Vibez has 4 different airflow settings to suit your personal preference. Vibez has no buttons and activates automatically when you inhale.

Vibez has an incredibly small and compact e-cigarette pen design that is easy to carry and use. The Vibez Disposable Pen also comes with a built-in 1500mAh battery that can be quickly charged via the Type-C USB charging cable at the bottom.

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