Uwell Popreel PK1 Pod kit – reformatted and have a carefree vaping experience

After a short break, we went back to the radio. Our program starts with another new product from Uwell. So, if the manufacturer’s series of devices called caliburn can be called simplified, then the recent Popreel line should be called the simples t- Popreel PK1 Kit.

Uwell Popreel PK1 Kit review
Uwell Popreel PK1 Kit review

Dimensions: 70.4 x 45 x 13.5mm
Weight: 35.9g Body
material: plastic
Power supply: built-in 520mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml Vaporizer
Power: 13W
Operating mode: Power
Connector type: magnetic

We got acquainted with her pilot project a while ago, so now it’s time for the second version. By the way, the latter hasn’t even been announced by the Uwell brand, so as always we get to know each other “before everyone else”.

The look has been updated – that’s the main reason why this device was created. As you have noticed, compared to the first version of the rocker, a compact box, which is very much preferred by users, is now available.

buy Uwell Popreel PK1
buy Uwell Popreel PK1

The case is entirely plastic, which means the novelty also weighs little. From the trim, the clear plastic and slight ripples on the back of the pod system.

The starting color palette of the design repeats its predecessor – four “pastel” colors. The full uwell popreel p1 pod cartridge should be familiar to us – it’s not the most spacious sample, with a flat mouthpiece and top filler, which debuted alongside the pioneers of the series.

Inside, a built-in vaporizer works on the grid; there’s still no provision for adjusting the puff’s strength. The latter has increased capacity compared to its predecessor, but not as much.

Also, the battery charge waits very fast – a little over half an hour. Connectors for this process are ready for modern vape samples.

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