Is GeekVape Sonder U Pod kit the start of a new line?

Last week ended with news of a new pod system, and they’re also turning on the current pod system. There are several representatives of this section on the agenda, and they are all as simple as possible, meaning they can be used by almost any user – geekvape sonder u.

Geekvape Sonder U Pod System Kit review
Geekvape Sonder U Pod System Kit review

Dimensions: 95.8 x 26.6 x ?? mm
Weight: 40g Body
material: plastic
Power supply: built-in 1000mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Evaporator resistance: 0.7Ω
Power: 20W
Working mode: Power

The program was launched by a new product from the GeekVape brand, which is still in preparation for release. Obviously, the device starts a new line of devices from the manufacturer, but to be fair, it should be pointed out that the company has more than a dozen such lines.

Why the other question is obviously rhetorical. It looks pretty standard – a flat stick shape. Small in size – with an instance like this, you could even qualify for invisible soaring. Obviously, the body is made of plastic, so the weight of the suit should match.

The trim of the pod system includes ripples on the fuselage, and a “metal” insert with the model’s logo. Removable cartridges have flat mouthpieces, good capacity and side filling for quick access. The vaporizer is built in, and the resistance of the heating element recommends using a coil paired with high nicotine e-liquids.

Geekvape Sonder U Pod System Kit for sale
Geekvape Sonder U Pod System Kit for sale

A “visual inspection” confirms that the tightening strength has not been adjusted. In any case, stores that collect pre-orders don’t have this information. The main body is rich except that the LED indicator of the charge level of the built-in battery.

There are no buttons on the body of the pod system – activation is achieved solely by puffing. The battery capacity is very good, but it is certain that the connector of the program is ready for modern samples. From what I understand, this adds to the fact that there is no charging cable in the box, plus there is only one cartridge in the kit.

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