Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 WiFi Tablet 64GB was released not that long ago, which comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE Processor. The upgraded processor makes it competitive in the market. I think that the customers want to know not only the performance but also the user experience. Let’s review it right now.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Appearance

The screen size of Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is 8 inches compared to the 7.9 inches screen of Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. Many customers may think that it seems no difference between them, but the previous model uses a 4:3 aspect ratio and the new model uses a 16:10 aspect ratio, which makes Mi Pad 4 looks slimmer.

The large screen smart devices become more and more popular in the market. However, it becomes more difficult to hold with one hand when the screen size is getting bigger. Thanks to the Mi Pad 4 WiFi Tablet, it was designed for more convenient to hold with one hand.

Besides, the screen share of Mi Pad 4 WiFi 64GB is 12.5% higher than Mi Pad 3, but the screen resolution of the new model has been dropped to 1920 x 1200. I believe that it is an disadvantage compared to 2048 x 1536 in screen resolution of Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. Of course, it saves power and improves battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 64GB comes with front camera of 5MP resolution which can be used for taking excellent selfies pictures and making video calls with high-quality. But it only supports face recognition since Xiaomi removed the fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Tablet uses a round screen design like other Xiaomi smartphones, which looks quite attractive.

Mi Pad 4 WiFi 64GB comes with a sandblasted metal body and 13MP rear camera on the back side. The supported format of video recording are HDR, beauty, and 1080P 30fps.

The tablet has great performance in taking photos if there is enough light, but as the pictures show below, it is not as good as your smartphone.

As I said before, the tablet was designed for one-handed usage, so it should be a slim body and its thickness is just 7.9 mm.

There are 3.5 mm audio jack and USB Type-C interface of 5V/2A which does not support fast charging on the bottom. It makes customers feel disappointed that the new model of tablet with such a big battery capacity does not support fast charging, which means that you have to wait for a long time until it is fully charged.

Xiaomi Mi pad 4 Performance

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE processor based on 14 nm process node. This kind of processor is common used on mid-range smartphones in the market.

Mi Pad 4 WiFi gets a 144,920 scores in Antutu in my test, which is 10K higher in performance than the mid-range smartphones.

I also tested the tablet in gaming performance. As expected, the game experience is quite smooth, and the frame rate can be kept at 55 fps at most of the time.

Xiaomi Mi pad 4 Software

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Tablet 64GB is one of the most optimized Android tablets which is available in the market.

The virtual buttons of Mi Pad 3 is no longer available on the Mi Pad 4, replaced by MIUI gesture function. The navigation ball at the edge of the screen is also a humanized design.

Mi Pad 4 WiFi Tablet also owns an official App Store for tablet. Its content is compatible with the screen size of the tablet. But it may not be as good as Apple Store.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 WiFi Tablet 64GB is equipped with a large screen and 6000mAh battery, which supports split screen function, playing video for 12 hours and playing games for 8 hours.


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