Xiaomi Qi Wireless Fast Charger Review 2019

Xiaomi has launched a new Xiaomi Mi Qi Wireless Charger with support for universal fast charging, which can offer up to 10W max charging power. It will bring you a more amazing and faster charging experience.

This Xiaomi Qi Wireless Fast Charger adopts an aluminum alloy casing, and the high-polished secondary anode treatment is performed. It comes with an aluminum shell and polished secondary anode treatment for texture enhancement. The upper panel is made of made of silicone material, which adds friction and shock absorption. The charger has an LED indicator that helps users see the charging status of their device at a glance. It is worth mentioning that you can even charge the phones with back covers on when using this wireless charger.

Xiaomi Qi Wireless Fast Charger supports Qi wireless charging standard, that means it can charge those device that are compatible with Qi standard. In addition, it can also provide 5W output to ensure charging efficiency, allowing you to charge the phone much faster.

In terms of charging safety, this Xiaomi Wireless Fast Charger also did a good job. It has a lot of protective features that can ensure safety when charging the phones, such as short circuit protection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection and foreign object detection, etc.

The Xiaomi Qi 10W Wireless Fast Charger is currently available on Gearvita.com. You can grab it at an affordable price

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