Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review: The Best Budget Fitness Tracker You Should Buy

Xiaomi’s Mi Band line is well known for offering affordable price and outstanding performance. And the Mi Band 3 is no exception. It is another successful wearable device from Xiaomi. This new budget fitness tracker has gathered a number of Mi fans since its release. Many users have high expectations for this product, now let’s take a closer look at this interesting device.

Design and display

The face of Mi Band 3 is made entirely of curved glass, which gives it a very premium feel in terms of appearence. It’s so light on your wrist at 20g that you don’t really notice you are wearing it. So it is very comfortable to wear, thanks to its slim body and light weight. The Mi Band 3 features a 0.78-inch curved OLED touchscreen display that sits lengthways along your wrist. This look works well, and it feels nice to swipe and touch. The device has a 5 ATM water-resistance rating that means you can keep it on and go swimming with it.


As a basic fitness tracker, the Mi Band 3 can do a lot. Let’s begin with the heart rate monitoring function. Heart rate monitoring is around the clock and you can choose between one, 10, and 30-minute intervals for heart rate monitoring, which is a very welcome feature as a fitness tracker. It can accurately monitor pulses and active and resting heart rate changes to generate a professional heart rate report for you.

Mi Band 3 also supports sleep tracking, and it seems more accurate compared to the Mi Band 2. It also has a vibrating alarm, it can wake you up without disturbing anyone else.

With Mi Band 3, you can read notifications and reject phone calls too. Firstly, you have to turn on the settings in the Mi Fit app, and give the requisite permissions. When the device is successfully connected, it would show the caller ID if there is an incoming call.

The Mi Band 3 displays a lot more information. Apart from the time and date, you can check the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, battery level and a three-day weather forecast etc. When there is more than one readout available, you will see a scroll indicator that means you can swipe right to left to see more information. The battery life of Mi Band 3 is about two days, which is still impressive. Long battery life is also one of the biggest highlights form Xiaomi’s smart bands.

Overall, the xiaomi mi band 3 bracelet has a ton of amazing features and all work great. Its functions like sleeping tracking or heart rate monitoring are more accurate than other fitness trackers in the market. More importantly, this feature-packed device has an affordable price. So it is a great choice for the casual users as an entry level device. The Mi Band 3 is currently available at Gearvita, you can go to check its latest price.

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