Double throat blow for Nicolas 2 Vapefly MTL Tank S | G version

Let us naturally start with a copy that is not so outstanding but has acquired a certain pedigree. This will be the second revision of the Vapefly maintenance-free fuel tank. I suggest not to linger in the hat, but to check Vapefly Nicolas 2 Tank immediately.

Vapefly Nicolas 2 MTL Tank review
Vapefly Nicolas 2 MTL Tank review

Body Material: Stainless Steel
Atomizer type: maintenance-free
Vaporizer resistance: 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.8Ω
Capacity: 2ml
Diameter: 22.2mm
Height: 49.7mm with drip type
Connector: 510 pin gold plated

You will be surprised, but today’s show no longer includes the pod system-this alone is enough to start a beautiful day. However, in order to make you fall into the “absolute nirvana”, I prepared A few acquaintances of the incense atomizer.

Even if Vapefly Nicolas 2 Tank are on different sides of the roadblock, they will naturally not become less interesting because of this. Likewise, they are not only related to tight puffs, but also to the fact that both versions are doubled.

buy Vapefly Nicolas II MTL Tank
buy Vapefly Nicolas II MTL Tank

Overall, both copies look quite decent and neat. Yes, the size of the can is the successful-the diameter of a cigarette, the height is very shallow, even considering the drip type. By the way, there were not so many options – perhaps the standard classic.

The novelty is crowned by two 510 drip irrigation types. They are made of plastic, maybe only the shape makes them different. The vape tank has a top filling, but the open lid design is not the most standard part of the accessories.

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