Huawei OPPLE LED Candle Night Lamp review – Blowing sensor & ideal for home decor

With the continuous advancement of intelligent household products, more and more household commodities have joined the wave of intelligence. Huawei OPPLE LED Candle Night Lamp, stable light intensity, can achieve sufficient light intensity for writing and reading, can reduce visual fatigue to a certain extent, thus protecting vision.

Huawei OPPLE LED Lamp review
Huawei OPPLE LED Lamp review

● Blowing Sensor: Blow-on/off is a great option for this flameless portable candle light.
● Dimmable&Memorable: The wineglass-like LED candle holds for 3 brightness levels to fit your eyes in different places, and it does deliver a smooth, steady, comfortable natural light, even on the lowest brightness setting. And the brightness will remain on your previous setting.
● Wireless&Rechargeable: Built-in battery, no need of to replace the battery frequently.
● Portable: New design, wineglass-like night lamp, no worry if causing a fire or blowing out. It is deal for home decor.
● Environment Frirndly: ABS Plastic, non-toxic, no smell, anti-flaming, heat and corrosion resistance.

OPPLE LED Candle Night Lamp for sale
OPPLE LED Candle Night Lamp for sale

Product Specifications:
Brand: Huawei OPPLE
Brightness level: Low, Medium and High
Light source: LED
LED Color: Warm White Switch Button: Blowing sensor
charging time: 2~2.5hrs
Color temperature: 3000K
Color rendering index: >80
Numbers of LED: 1
Input: DC 5V

Whether the Huawei OPPLE Lighting candle is really good for something depends in my eyes strongly on the light. If it’s cosy, it’s good for the balcony or for reading in the evening. However, you can also use any other lamp you like. Therefore, as a smart eye-protection table lamp, whether it is a study or a bedroom, it is worthwhile to have one.

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