Review: Vaporesso LUXE X Pod kit – “Junior”

The second pod system is just as simple but has definitely become more famous. A giant has acquired a novelty – the Vaporesso company. In addition, the ranks of the oldest and therefore one of the most famous brand series – LUXE have been added – Vaporesso LUXE X.

Vaporesso LUXE X Pod System Kit review
Vaporesso LUXE X Pod System Kit review

Dimensions: 98 x 21.6 x 21.5mm
Body material: plastic
Power supply: built-in 1500mAh
Chipset: Axon
Cartridge capacity: 2.0 / 5.0ml Vaporizer
resistance: 0.4 / 0.8Ω
Power: up to 40W
Working mode: Power

The device was recertified as a pod vape kit a while ago, and there’s no denying it feels comfortable. The novelty appearance is not exaggeratedly original, although it is more reminiscent of other brands’ products – the zero bomb system.

The all-plastic case is “bonded” in two parts – the translucent lower part has a nice print, and the middle part has an updated manufacturer’s logo.

Manufacturers claim that the plastic used is multi-layered – so-called wear protection. In shape, it’s almost a cube-shaped bar, with a small height and a weight said to be just a penny.

buy Vaporesso LUXE X Pod System Kit
buy Vaporesso LUXE X Pod System Kit

The starting color palette for the design wasn’t the most diverse – only the color of the opaque plastic changed. Removable cartridge with impressive capacity – it has underfill and flat mouthpiece.

The device uses a Vaporesso Luxe X pod cartridge system with a built-in vaporizer. The full set provides two copies, executed on the denomination using COREX technology. SSS leak-proof technology is also reused.

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